June 11, 2019

The results of this research show that the participants of this project have different opinions to whether a person is responsible for a crime or not in the transgender bias-motivated hate incidents. As a resu...

March 5, 2019

The global economic difficulties put pressure on public sectors. Co-production can relieve this pressure by engaging the service users in social work services. It would also benefit the service users by puttin...

February 21, 2019

hate crime, brexit, black lives matter

January 8, 2019

Hate crime is not a new phenomenon. The act of hostility towards another group because of their identity characteristics have been practised throughout history and has only been labelled as a hate crime since...

December 24, 2018

If the logic of punishment is to restore the imbalance that the criminal has caused through his crime, then one has to agree that there has been a fair balance between the distribution of benefits and burdens...

May 4, 2018

In recent years more than 5000 people from European countries have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight along ISIS, a violent extremist group seeking an Islamic caliphate. From the UK alone, more than 850 youn...

April 26, 2018


The police in England and Wales have recorded more than eighty thousand hate crimes in 2016/17, a twenty-nine percent increase since the previous year (Home Office, 2017). Burnett (2017) argues tha...

December 12, 2017

I was wondering how much Marx, Engels and Merton share their top-down view on criminal whereas one puts them in the context of productivity, and the other sees them as survivals who abandon the effort to break...

October 13, 2017

The transition from rural to urban societies and the sudden expansion of urban cultures through mass migration in order to support the post-industrialisation era was accompanied by the inter-group cultural con...

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February 21, 2019

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