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Independent Sector - Organizationally developed, Publicly monitored

October 5, 2017

If the private organizations are set out to do what government has pledged to do in the first place, then presumably their procedures have to oblige with the ones of the government set to serve the public in that particular area for the particular reason and toward a particular goal; and for the benefits shared by the state and public .



They would be rewarded reasonably for their services in a way that would be beneficial for both private sector and the government.


If government is able to set out the rules and procedure outlines for the private contractor, then there is no reason for not running it itself through attracting professional and capable human resources.


The Grenfell tower fiasco is among the latest incidents where private sector has prioritized organizations benefit over the ones of public.


The fact that the private contractors are more developed than the private sector comes back to the attitudes in organizational manifesto. Public service run by private attitude can be a way to ensure the equality of service for the public members and reducing the gap between the way the public members of different social classes get treated by different sectors.




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