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Research Findings:Hate Crime Perception in the UK Amongst Different Ethnic Groups.

June 11, 2019

The results of this research show that the participants of this project have different opinions to whether a person is responsible for a crime or not in the transgender bias-motivated hate incidents. As a result, some of this project’s participant might proceed to report that incident as hate crime where the others might not.



The same results apply to situations where a possible sexual orientation bias-motivated hate crime has happened. The answers of some ethnic groups have pointed towards biased motivated crime where the answer of others did not or were less sure by a significant distance.


Finally, some ethnic groups supported harsher penalties for offenders of transgender hate crime, whereas some other ethnic groups did not support this idea.

Therefore, the results of this research point to the likely possibility that different ethnic groups DO witness, process, and respond to hate crime differently.


More details available at:Research Gate.

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