Volunteer Role Description



To fulfil this job role, a secretary must;

  • Be willing to respond to any relevant communications concerning the society as a whole.

  • be open and transparent in the types of information that is being shared from the society.  

  • spread the word to members about new and upcoming events to ensure there is a positive engagement overall.

Committee and members are expected to come to you for queries so knowledge and engagement are pivotal.



To fulfil this job role, the treasurer must;

  • Be able to budget money for events.

  • Be able to proposal funding events to help run the society

  • Draw up and agree on an annual budget,

  • Work out the cost of events,

  • Collect membership fees

  • Monitor ticket sales and arranging sponsorships and grants.


It is essential that all money that is allocated to our society or raised by society can be accountable and is closely monitored.


Promoters and Event Organisers

Promoters are the voice of society. They will spread the word at the Freshers Fair and ICJS with the support from lecturers and teaching fellows.


They will organise the society's event, coordinating between all the involved parties to ensure the smooth and safe running of the events.


Multimedia Officer

This role requires someone with creative skills ideally being able to cover the photography of the events and use of designing skills to prepare banners, adverts and event coverage.



To fulfil this job role, the president must;

  • Chair the student board meetings with the Union

  • Reflect on the needs of the members

  • Attend student council meetings

  • Meet and stay in contact with academics and other stakeholders that help run and shape the agendas of society.

  • Working with marketing to put forward any student ideas and find ways to implement them.

  • Help to shape the yearly agendas of the society and act as a coordinator between committee members


Vision of the president:

  • To mirror what we learn in academia into the everyday life of other non-ICJSstudents as what we learn indirectly covers everyone not just ICJS students

  • To close the invisible gap between students themselves and also between students and academics. In essence, act like the missing part of the university life spectrum where one side is teachers teaching and the other side is students learning.

  • Lastly, to create a constitution that ensures the continuous degree of quality in the society’s agenda and activities in the foreseeable future.

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